Multiplatform storytelling

Furdangers is a world designed to work as a platform for different stories regardless of the narration type. The story world and production workflow are designed to support and produce stories in linear animation storytelling and nonlinear game. The production process utilizes the Unreal Engine 4. The game engine enables fast and efficient multiplatform production. It produces visually similar style in animation series and game simultaneously. After or even during a linear animation episode the viewer can move to a game version of Furdanger.  The game is  a gateway to experience the world of Furdangers in a different way.  Watching the series affects what can be done in the game but gaming elements are optional and are designed to offer extra information and storylines. The World of Furdanger is designed to be expanded to include film adaptations, literature or a virtual reality concepts and the in-series ball game, Furball, can even be played on viewers backyard.

The Animation

Furdanger is a city somewhere between northwest and northeast, a little to the left and a step south. Citizens of Furdanger have an easily identifiable long, thick hair that floats in the air, defying gravity. The peculiar hair and Furdangers' exceptional fashion is an envied, world wide phenomenon.
Furdanger is the perfect place to live. The citizens are friendly and talented, no one is bullied and crime never happens. But underneath the surface there are secrets yet to be found. The perfect conditions have been achieved with means that might be a bit hard to accept.

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